HTML5 and great expectations

It's a busy day full of chatter on the InterWeb about HTML 5 and its proposed features. "Could it kill Flash and Silverlight", as supposed by Paul Krill at InfoWorld?

One thing is certain: it is not vaporware. After a short search, I found this example implementing a coverflow-style animation from Adnan Osmani (nice work!!) http://blarnee.com/wp/an-improved-javascript-coverflow-demo-using-canvas-and-html5/ If you have an HTML 5 compatible browser - it worked in my Firefox version 3.0.11 - then give it a try. It replicates the animation you'd previously require Flash to do.

My prediction is not can it kill Flash, but when will it kill Flash. Open standards, after gaining momentum, are unstoppable. I'm sure companies like Adobe realize this, and the newer Flash application software will just generate HTML 5 compatible elements. What provides a heavy anchor on progress is how slow users are to upgrade their web browser to be compatible with the new features.

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