Each day, more computer users will free themselves from the PC*. Predictions are for the death of the PC, though in this weeks Apple WWDC 2011 keynote with the introduction of iCloud it has only been demoted and yet killed. I say the PC will never be dead, for some.

This freeing trend is twofold: taking the computing power and connectivity mobile, and liberating the data to external storage. Cloud is the fashionable term for this (cloud is a slight misnomer, but let's keep it simple). You can be partly mobile, and slightly cloudy, but some of us cannot completely unshackle ourselves from the PC platform. Why? Because the mobile devices and applications still can't do it all.

If you're a computer amateur or novice, ComputerLight may suit all your needs. If you don't use a computer at work, you may use one as an amateur for email, video calling, or a digital camera. Novices are those who use a computer at work, but only send emails and write reports. In short, you really don't do much computing, and you don't need a PC (except for the larger screen and full size keyboard benefits).

But there are some of us who are still tied, and probably will be forever tied, to the PC. The list of who this applies to is seemingly endless. Here is the question: for each task you do, if the answer is no, you'll never be free of the PC:

Q. Is there an app for that?

No app? Sorry, you're not free yet. You build apps? Then you'll never be free from the PC, and it will live on.

* The PC I refer to is any stationary computer inhabiting a home or office, and jealousy locks files into its boxy confines. This definition of a PC paints Windows and Mac machines with the same brush.

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