It's not just me who's enjoying the Snowstorm installed on my blog. By popular demand, and to give credit where it is due, I will reveal the source.

A short story first: We had a few snowfalls recently. By chance while surfing the web I discovered a web site with snow! I cannot remember which site it was exactly. Immediately I knew I must also have snow. For those who aren't aware of many JavaScript particulars, a savvy user can almost always find and read the JavaScript on every web site. So the first step in Firefox was to right-click -> View Page Source. I found the code that provided the snow storm, and in the credits was the author's address

Thanks Scott Shiller, for making it possible for my blog and The Art of Consumption to be a snowy holiday funfest.

For those who may like to install a Snowstorm, you can find the project page at It's relatively simple, but there's no one-click WordPress plug-in install. For JS newbs, if you really want it roll up your sleeves, download and follow the installation instructions. Once you have it running, you can play with the customization options.

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