I bet there are still developers out there who write software where the security, and even the business logic, is dependent on the user having JavaScript enabled in the users' browser. One may as well just leave home in the morning, give your keys to the first person you see, and hope they don't enter and steal your furniture. I don't personally know any of these developers of course (or maybe I wouldn't admit to knowing them), for if I did know them I'd berate them until they stop doing it.

What I do know all too well is the software they write, and I have to fix it. Perhaps you feel as I do; fixing other people's errors as a result of their poor judgment is one of the great torments of human existence. "You mean, someone else screwed up, and now it's my problem?".

We'll be finding and fixing software made in the past for many years to come. Unfortunately, our dependence on JavaScript is not going to stop. In fact, we're probably setting ourselves up with even greater potential for error with fancy jQuery and Prototype libraries in the hands of the ignorant. I emplore you, developer, to use anything you like to enhance the user interface, but do not rely on JavaScript provide important business logic. Web sites may not function correctly in the future without JavaScript, but ensure the data is protected when it is disabled.

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