Sometimes the biggest step is just to get started. If you have trouble getting something started, try to do the absolute smallest step that gets you in the right direction. Lao-tzu was right, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". In taking the first step, it makes the second easier than if you had not begun.

The thought of opening Microsoft Word gives me feelings of trepidation, no doubt a result of countless battles with text styles, tab indents, and under a tight deadline. In fact, I'm not yet comfortable with the WordPress blog interface for starting a blog post; the draft of this post was typed in TextPad.

Everything can begin with a text file. It is counterproductive to the formation and notation of a new idea than to be annoyed everytime to type a new paragraph, the font type changes, or the software decides that typing a hyphen is a reason to insert a bulleted list automatically. Write first, format later.

Many successful software programs rely on simple text files for their settings and configuration, including all the components used in LAMP architecture. Sometimes, the complexity you require will not exceed a simple text file.

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